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  1. How to activate the cavebot
  2. Options for the cavebot (what they do!)
  3. FastExiva & user variables
  4. Gold depositer
  5. How to open doors using the cavebot
  6. [how to] open door with cavebot (100% working)
  7. [Tutorial] How NOT to get Banned by a GM, but BOT for a long time ;)
  8. How to avoid getting hurt while botting
  9. How to make loot counting adds in script.
  10. Problem With Some Script?! Look here!
  11. Cavebot for dummies! (EVERYTHING you need to know!)
  12. Good understanding to making BASIC scripts
  13. A tutorial to advanced script writing
  14. Lootdrop tutorial.
  15. 2 questions (gold in bp / scripts)
  16. Mana potion buyer please
  17. Lootdrop kurwa mac
  18. Someoy halp me plax
  19. complicated BlackD
  20. Wierd attcks
  21. Item ID list (Blackd Proxy tileID format)
  22. Potions - Help
  23. Please Help- SPear Buyer
  25. [help] Pots Refill
  26. Tutorial request about Fast Exiva ...
  27. [NEED HELP] Small stones refiller
  28. How to copy scripts into cavebot
  29. Script Help!
  30. How do you make your character "kite"
  31. My antiviruz keeps deleting the blackd proxi HELP!
  32. going up rope hole in corym cave
  33. Cant find a list of all variables
  34. how to make bot go in a teleport ?
  35. Help with machete script ! :$
  36. Problems with retry attacks option.
  37. [Help] Health Potion Buying
  38. How to loot items on the floor?
  39. Cavebotting a mage/pally
  40. Problem to loot from corpse!
  41. How to
  42. How to AVOID a teleport?