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02-25-2007, 10:11
I think all login servers go down too often because processing a login is a very slow process, with a high cost of CPU (compared with the classic login before encryption) Now multiply that x 50000 logins (per minute) that login servers might have (without the need of any DDoS attack at all)

Tibia servers have more and more players each day, so eventually all the login servers will be always off unless they improve their their hardware, or ... unless they set an independient login procedure for each world. Because there is no real need to share 4 login servers for all the 70+ worlds with all their players. You can just login directly to a server without using a shared login server. Indeed, you do that when you change character through keys control+G (even if you choose a character of a different world) Notice that you login instantly! this is how it should work always from the first login if tibia design gets fixed.

Indeed, you can just login into your gameworld directly with control+G , once inside. And do you know what? There is nothing that blocks you from doing that from start. Blackd Proxy now allows you to do that, through this function.

You need to activate the checkbox, enter your character name (exactly) and select your gameworld. Now just login and you will get a character list from blackd proxy (not from login servers) This character list will allow the client to do the same effect than the "control+g" , so it is more or less legal, but still you could be banished for "loged in when all login servers were down" Use at your own responsability.

02-26-2007, 04:15
so saying ur in a poi team with 90 ppl, and you get kicked, using this would probably save ur ass? ( 74 ppl on refugia died during mass-kick on poi! )

well ok not all 74 :p

02-26-2007, 04:29
it will save your ass if u can't enter game after being kicked

02-27-2007, 18:02
Awesome though I probably wouldn't use when al lthe servers are supposed to be offline but It'll be great for when I have those stupid login issues that have been pissing me off so much lately. ;)

02-28-2007, 02:41
@^ yes ive had a lot of those problms too since update! guess they did something

06-09-2007, 23:58
Hey blackd i can only login on bypass .... HELP

harry potter
08-31-2007, 02:03
heya mate, im just curious if its possible to tibicam while beeing inlogged with "bypass loggin servers" becuase i can only connect with it thanks to my parents...

10-30-2007, 05:36
they can banish you only if "loged in when all login servers were down" or it can be easily discovered by cipsoft members?

11-30-2007, 08:51

I've one question!
I'll use ByPass and auto-loging in Tibia!
In Total Exact of the character name....: My Nick Name /Sure?
Game Server....:I choose Server/Okey I know :)

But Where i must have my account number and password?

In BlackD Proxy said that in the same way so where?

Help me, Thanks!

11-30-2007, 09:36
just login like you normally do.

11-30-2007, 12:45
Can someone explain, how CIP can see I'm using Bypass login?0.o

11-30-2007, 13:06
I'm not sure, but if login servers are offline, you can't login (that's obvious).
So, if you bypass it, you're gonna login in the server that supposed to be offline.

That's my guess.
Sorry if I'm wrong.

11-30-2007, 22:09
here didnt work =/ he still on joining in the game world. please wait

02-02-2008, 02:45
I'm not sure, but if login servers are offline, you can't login (that's obvious).
So, if you bypass it, you're gonna login in the server that supposed to be offline.

That's my guess.
Sorry if I'm wrong.

Unless the game world is down

02-02-2008, 09:03
Its work good for me so your world must be offline

02-02-2008, 15:01
I tried to bypass the login servers using the Free Proxy tool,
the name and world are CORRECT, but when I'm loging in the client returns a message like this:

"sorry. character doesn't live on this world. please login on the right world"

but as I've said the name and world are correct!
My world was also online at that moment...

So what is the problem?

Warlord Shadow
02-07-2008, 17:52
I don't understand this option :/
What should I EXACTLY do and when?

02-07-2008, 23:48
when you are logging into servers first you are connecting to login server that is allowing you to choose character and then the server is connecting you to world, and that function is bypyssing the login server and logging directly to the game world with your character ; ) i think the bot is sending packets that loggin server should send and emulate it with that ; p

03-08-2008, 03:41
Blackd have a function to relog after Server save?:confused:?, and how can active it??

Please help me Fast:cool:

03-08-2008, 03:48
yes, it is at cheats "Auto relog in kick or serversave and reopen x backpacks"

03-08-2008, 11:37
After all this time of being out, does anyone know for sure if Cip tracks logins when the login servers are offline?

And does it even specify anywhere that you're not allowed to use an external server for logging in? oO It doesn't necessarily need to modify the client or give an advantage (the servers should be online to begin with), and it doesn't require blackD to do this.

03-08-2008, 20:59
Is this feature supposed to bypass the waitlist of a login?