View Full Version : How to update addresses in Safertibian by yourself?

03-12-2014, 19:45
Hello everyone,

i thought it wouldn't be so difficult to find the addresses for mana/hp/soul with the cheat engine for updating the INI-File of SaferTibian by myself.
I think i found the correct memory addresses but these aren't in the right format for the INI-File.
Is there someone who can give me a lil tutorial or link how to update the addresses in SaferTibian by finding the offsets with Cheat Engine? The format for the addresses in the INI-File are always beginning with "&H" like "&H7C4324" but the offsets i found with cheat engine are different ones and don't start with "&H".
I hope my question isn't too "noobish" and someone will help me.