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05-25-2016, 21:38
Hello. Im new here but i have work on blackd for few months. Im wondering now is there any way to use trainer only when i press hotkey. I mean - i dont wanna to use exiva pause and exiva play

Well, now i see i made topic in wrong place. I apologize

05-25-2016, 23:20
its possible by changing its source. what fuction are you using from trainer?

05-27-2016, 00:09
Auto pickup from ground.

Honestly i have never even downloaded source of blackd. Is this hard to do if i have no knowledge about that?

05-27-2016, 01:40
you can make conditional events and use a custom var to set on/off pick up item from ground.. but its complicated anyways

05-30-2016, 00:58
Well, thats not good news. I hoped there is some easy way. Thanks anyway for answer :)

05-30-2016, 02:49
what item (id) do you want to pickup from ground? and what position, one sqm to your right?

i think its easier than i thought, you make an custom var (_pickup) to turn on/off the condition

set on F1 to turn on: exiva _pickup = 1
set on F2 to turn off: exiva _pickup = 0

create this condition =

Exiva > 78 $numbertohex2:{$numericalexp:{$myx$}+1$}$ $numbertohex2:{$numericalexp:{$myy$}+0$}$ $numbertohex1:{$myz$}$ XX XX 01 FF FF 06 00 00 $numbertohex1:2$

/\ thiss will take the item from the sqm of your right every 1s if the F1 button is pressed, and F2 will stop the condition

XX XX = item ID
06 = < hand


you gave me good ideas, new commands like "exiva stop cave", "exiva stop treiner" etc..