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Thread: Cavebot for dummies! (EVERYTHING you need to know!)

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    Default Cavebot for dummies! (EVERYTHING you need to know!)


    In this thread I will go over EVERYTHING you need to know about BlackD's Cavebot, From MS to spell kills. This thread is more of a "what does this do? answer board" if your looking for detailed scripting guides (for dummies + ) then this is for you:
    (creds to malmis for that one ofcourse!)

    onGmPause is default since version 11.8 or something
    the default MS is 300.
    setFollow is defualt
    setAny is default
    setRetryAttacks is default
    Priority of setmeleekill is 0
    stackItems, bot will do this by itself, on special occasions will you need to use this
    if you know of more defualts for the cavebot, please let me know in a reply! thanks

    Integer a NUMBER that with a range of smaller range
    Long a NUMBER with a larger range then integer
    String usually a sentence/word
    If you need further definitions ask for in reply thanks

    This tutorial is broken up into SEVEN sections
    1st post (this one) Special Kills
    2nd post Basic Commands
    3rd Post the on and offs
    4th post action commands
    5th post variables section
    6th post other
    7th post load/script
    Heres a picture of the locations of the sections

    Green = script/load (although the mms changer should be apart of other)
    red = basic commands
    orange/yelloey = special kills
    pink = the on and offs
    brown = other
    light purple = action commands
    dark purple = variables

    Now lets get started!

    BlackD cavebot is brocken up into 7 sections (a grouping of buttons if you will) lets work our way through all the buttons then to check box's and option box's to ms and well you will see!

    Ok, the first section is the exori vis/mort rune kill section, as its almost useless now because of the setspell kill section but there are STILL some things here wich are very important, lets have a look!

    setExoriVis monstername,
    this will enter a command into the script telling your bot to go infront of the monster, face it and cast exori vis, this also applies to setExoriMort!

    setSDKill monstername This will enter a command into the script to tell your bot to SD kill a monster of your choice, this is usually used when you are getting luired on frequently.

    setAvoidFront monstername One of my favourites and a VERY usefull one at that. the set avoid front. this will enter a command keeping you diagonal to the monster to avoid fire waves etc (amazing for hunting dragons!)

    onGMcloseConnection I cannot recomment this AT ALL, and infact it is now IGNORED by the bot for tibia 8.11 as its almost promising to get you banned by a gm, what this does is if your bot sees a GM pop onto your screen it closes your connection (GMs no longer fall for the excuse of you got kicked, and will ban you)

    onTrapGiveAlarm When your bot becomes trapped or stuck between going to different waypoints the bot will give the every so annoying (but lovely) alarm. usefull in non pvp worlds were anti botter people trap you in larva caves (usually) - so annoying

    Ok lets give this section a name, Ill call it... Special kills group
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    Ok, next group!

    this groups define your script. I cant really imagine a good script for hunting without any of these!

    setMeleeKill monstername
    Now most of you know what this does (and i really hope you do) but since this is a thread forr n00bs ill tell you this tells the bot to attack the monster of your choice (default larva altho if its left blank its nothing )
    Just like the setSDKill in Special kills group but this time it shoots a hmm at monsters of your choice, I recommend using this for deeper tomb scripts (because of stalkers)
    SetLoot itemID
    just to let you guys know, d7 0b = Gold always enter that one!!! to find different item ids you can goto the tools tutorial! there you will find out how!
    onDangerGoto integer when you are attacked or in any kind of danger it will goto the script line of your choice. this is usually used in more advanced scripts!
    onGMPause DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT make a script WITHOUT this command, this command makes your script look like you kind of know what your doing, if not selected the bot will keep auto hunting when a gm comes = ban!
    onPlayerPause- same thing as the above command but this one does NOT pause healing! it can be a life saver, This is rarely used on scripts, i never use it.
    setVeryFriendly Ok this command makes your bot ONLY attack things that attack YOU when another player is on the screen, simple.
    setRetryAttacksNow I have never used this but lets use some common sense, im going to say it will retry to attack the monster if it couldnt the first try - this is implemented without being put into the script (default)
    setDontRetryAttacks Ok, exact opposite of last one! sorry but detail simply isnt needed, although I would use this on non pvp since people summon what your killing, bot would try to attack it and fail although keep retrying!
    setPriority monstername = integer
    I love this one and I use it alot, expecially for turtles (Get those stupid spamming toads before they do to much damage)

    ALL monsters on setmeleekill have a default priority of 0
    now using this command wiill highten the priority, the higher the priority the more the bot wants to kill
    setpriority necromancer +1
    setpriority toad +2
    setpriority webber +3
    Ok lets imagine you go down a hole and OMG theres like 4 toads! and 2 necromancers and 1 webber () the bot will go kill the webber kill the toads THEN the necromancer, if its trapped trying to get one of the toads and your trapped by a necromancer, no worries! bot will kill the necromancer then the toad!

    Ok that is done! lets call it... Basic commands

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    Ok now for the next bunch of buttons <3

    This command tells the bot to kill any creature its toldto (defined by setmeleekill) screw other peoples experience because its mine now!
    this will attack anything NOT attacking another player while that player is on your screen, recommended, but not default
    follows the monster defined by setmeleekill, it IS defualt
    Will loot all items it is told to (defined by setLoot)
    wont even open the bodies, great for wasp hunting before honeycombs were introduced
    this makes the cavebot kinda similar to ng, using this will make the bot NOT follow the monster (but why?) i dont see the reason, if you know post when i re open the thread!

    Done with this one, lets call it.... The on and offs

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    the bot calls this one action commands, and i like that name so its going to stick

    This group is called, Action commands

    move <current x,y,z>
    Thiss command will move you to your current Position, but it gets better, theres a command you can say INGAME for this! no need to toggle in between windows, exiva addmove will add a move line to your script
    useItem <current x,y,z>
    this will use the item in your arrow slot on the current position your in, say you want your bot to cut grass with a machete? first cut the grass, stand where it was and add this line into your bot, not when the bot gets here it will use the machete on the grass!
    fishX integer
    this will fish the amount of times you want to replace 0 with 10~ or 100 it doesnt matter
    this will close your connection, its good if you want your bot to goto dp change gold or whatever then logout, thats what its mainly used for
    WaitX integer
    when the bot hits this line, it will wait for X seconds then continue after that is done
    this is rarely used, but it will stack all stackable items in your open containers into the least amount of piles possible
    after your bot reaches this line, it will now define your loot as NOTHING, so if you want to change what your bot loots midway use this, this command is usually used when putting loot into dp, but keeping gold

    setloot d7 0b
    setloot d9 0d <no idea what that is
    setloot d9 0d
    putlooton depot
    d7 0b
    d8 0d

    This script will put ONLY item "d9 0d" into your depot then switch back to looting both
    this will redefine setmelee kill / sethmmkill all back to nothing, use this how you want to, ive never used it
    sayMessage string
    when the bot hits this line it will say a message into defualt channel saying whatever you put into the textbox
    fastExiva string
    sorry but im going to have to be vague on this one!
    this processes a exiva command then instantly jumps to the next line
    this puts all your loot into your locker, always used in depositer scripts its a great function and is now used more then it ever was!
    this is great for money maker scripts like tombs, it will drop your loot where you currently are! then continue on, if you leave it going you wont have to run a deposit script (wich will obviously take more time) but be warned theifs love when you run this on your script!

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    ok we are about half way threw, now comes the semi difficult stuff!

    Im going to call this the variables section

    it starts getting a little advanced here

    ifTrue( [Variable] [operator] [integer] ) Goto integer
    Oh god, this looks tuff, but lets break this down!
    iftrue, well im not going to bother with that one,
    Variable: in blackd there is MANY integer such as mymana, variables are defined with "$" on either side "$mymana$" for a complete set of variables goto the events section!
    Operator: "<" ">" "=" "<=" ">=" "<>"
    In order, Smaller then, Greater then, equal to, equal or smaller then, Greater or equal to, Not equal to
    integer: a number of the variable (this will make sense in a couple seconds)
    Goto integer: if all is true then goto line number X (number)

    example: ifTrue ( $mymana >= 25 )Goto 5
    this will make my bot jump to line 5 if my mana is greater than 25!

    Ok dont worry, that was the hardest one!

    gotoScriptLine integer
    this will make your bot goto the chosen script line if this isnt at the end of your script your script will end
    IfEnoughItemsGoto [itemid] [integer] [integer]
    Ok this is simple! if you have so many items or more it will goto the defined scriptline

    example: IfEnoughItemsGoto d7 0b 1000 4
    this will make your bot goto scriptline 4 when you get 1000 gold peices (10 piles of gold)
    this used to be used for depositer scripts until the ifTrue command came out!

    ifFewitemsgoto [itemid] [integer] [integer]
    also because of ifTrue command, this command is rarely ever used its exactly the same as IfEnoughItems, just opposite, instead of using these 2 options, get used to using the IfTrue command!

    Comment (#)
    Not really needed, it is usually used just to let the people using your script know what its doing at that section (advanced scripters will use this for that exact reason)

    Ahh, now heres one i like, we used to have to find exactly wich line to jump to, but now because of this, we dont! just replace the integer with the label name! (i think, il have to be reassured of this because i dont use this... im old school )
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    Ill call this section Other

    Execute 1 line each [integer] ms change
    the default to this is 300MS 0.3 of a second, wich is fast, if you are having problems talking to friends ingame, try raising this to 500~, i use 550 just because of this reason! (this is located at the top in the middle)

    Cavebot global settings (located in the middle to the right)

    Change autoheal at pk to %
    Self exlanatory, if you get attacked by something not set as meleekill or on your runemaker list then your cavebot will make you heal at a different %
    HP for exori vis and Runes

    I THINK, this will change the minimun health you have to have to make runes/cast exori vis
    Allow reposition at start
    Sorry guys I dont no what this does

    Try alternative path/Kill the monsters when you have been blocked more then [long]
    If you are getting blocked by killable monsters (although not defined by setmeleekill) then this will find a different path and use it
    next option will kill the monster when you have been blocked by the monster for a time (in ms 1 second = 1000 ms) default 100 seconds :O

    Allow looting when a person is near
    ever since tibia 8.0? was introduced you cannot loot other peoples monsters, so just leave this on, i wont bother explain it

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    lets call this one Loading/script

    Ok guys were on the home stretch!! and its the easiest part

    Char: dropdownlist
    In this you will find your char name on the drop down list so select the character your using before continuing with anything!


    The great listbox, this shows the script your running/working on! what a life saver this is

    edit current lime ()

    First select a line from the list box, now you can edit it in ANY way or even delete it using the command below

    File dropdownlist

    This will find all text files in your blackd folder (the main folder) this is used to save/load your scripts to make a new one, put a name of it followed by .txt (THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT) and press save/load now you can star working on your script

    Update file list

    if you have the bot loaded then added more scripts press this to update the list to include all the current files in the blackd file!

    Thanks for reading, If you Know more information/want to edit a part of this please post the group name, followed by the command name, followed by your edit, thanks!

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    this will redefine setmelee kill / sethmmkill all back to nothing, use this how
    you want to, ive never used it

    this could be useful if you wish to pass through a respawn and not waste time killing all monsters

    mm example...
    u hunt at OF u got Bears right?
    now u want ur script to go venore without wasting time kill bears on way
    so u could put ResetKill and then it wouldnt waste time over the bears

    just an idea how to use this =) its rly useful using depositers

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    hmm i have problem... how i can dig hole to script like tomb+depositer

    useItem <current x,y,z> dont work...(i have shovel in arrows slot)

    srry for my eng

    fastExiva > 83 FF FF 00 00 00 81 0D 00 XX XX YY YY ZZ E7 00 00

    <<dont work too
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    i've got a nÓóbie problem...
    I'm hunting manualy and trying to use cavebot to carry gold from bodies, but when i'll enter setLoot D7 0B (....) and goToScriptLine0 when any monster will tough me, blackD is turnin' on the alarm... what's wrong with it?

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