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Thread: Before you request a script. READ!

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    Searched alot for Chakoyas and i dident find any... except a closed thread so i was wondering if anyone has a chakoyas script allready could share it if anyone who has it sees just post it here

    Have a good one
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    Hi there i was woundering if you can find me somewere to hunt im

    Lvl : 20
    Skills : 41.40
    Eq Noble armor guardien shield plate legs serp sword but i can always buy other stuff if needed

    Can someone please help me with scripts need to lvl from 20-30 then 30-50 please

    " will be buying Prem if al goes well after banwave


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    I was wondering if someone could help me out and make a script for me that does two things , first i was planning on spending 5kk on mana potions. i will have them set in my house in a backpack on the floor and i want a script where it will pull 200 from the backpack on the floor into my backback that is on my character. and enable my guy to do exura vita at a constant rate. i would very much appreciate it if someone helped me out thank you very much!!!

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