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Thread: Darashia Rotworms (Refiller and Depositor)

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    Default Darashia Rotworms (Refiller and Depositor)


    This is yet another of my scripts, I've tested it for a while now so it should be fine! This was initially made for a druid so because it uses mana (hence the refiller) so if you are a knight you might want to modify it.

    What it does?
    This script will hunt in Darashia Rotworms (Not as safe as Edron Rotworms [more people walking around] but better experience).
    When full capacity it will go to town to deposit the money, then it will go refill manas and health potions to then continue hunting. It is set to buy 60 mana potions and 20 health potions.
    It will not loot maces and swords because this script was made for low level characters with few capacity. If you are looking for a rotworm script for higher levels you might want to consider my Liberty Bay script.

    How to run it?
    Go to Darashia's depot (level -1), open all backpacks and hit start!

    All feedback is welcomed, including ways to make it better.
    If any errors, they will be fixed as soon as reported.

    The file:
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