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Thread: 24. Port Hope North - by BldMx

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    Quote Originally Posted by vacti View Post
    I did it for my own, it takes 40 manas and 10 potions (potion for emergency) and buys royal spear, I hope it works fine!
    Heal with exura gran(65%), automana(50%), and on 30% health potion.

    It seems to work fine with my 30 pally buy it makes some potion waste, maybe 35 better.

    The smieleys are messing up the script, when u copy-paste it. It pastes:
    IfTrue ($countitems2 1C$#number<=#8) Goto $nlineoflabel:goDepositandRefill$ it should be --->
    IfTrue ($countitems: D2 1C$#number<=#8) Goto $nlineoflabel:goDepositandRefill$ W/O the space between the : and the D.
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    Running Parallels Desktop with Windows XP on my Macbook.

    And Blackd works like magic

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