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Thread: Independent tibia clients with independent configs.

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    Question Independent tibia clients with independent configs.


    When neobot forums were online, I found and used a thread explaining how to do it, but the forums are down and I don't remember how to make independent tibia clients and make the configs (hotkeys) stay on each client.

    I had 8 different clients and they all saved the hotkeys each time.

    On C:/ there was files called: Knight, Druid, Paladin, Sorcerer. And shortcuts to the desktop. When I was playing knight.exe and had hotkeys saved as knight.

    Cam't just remember how to do it, cuz on roaming, there's just one .cfg file at this point. And the hotkeys is the same on all clients.

    Is there any such thread here or any1 know how to do it?

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