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Thread: Pickup item from bp to x pos

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    Arrow Pickup item from bp to x pos

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm trying to learn something about blackd and hex'es.
    I need script/conditional event that will throw item from any opened bp to x position.
    I was looking for that but i didn't found.
    Something like if more than 5 gfbs in any opened bp > throw it to position xxxxx,yyyyy,z in my house
    Now I'm still searchin'
    That's will be nice if someone can help, because ill know in future how to do more of usable scripts/events :P

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    This is an old post and i hate to bump but, i was looking for the same thing and this was the first thread i got before i found...
    scroll down to post#4 Moving (from container to ground

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