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Thread: Blackd Proxy on OTs - Tibianic (not working) Help please

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    Thumbs up Blackd Proxy on OTs - Tibianic (not working) Help please

    Heyo guys,

    long time botter here, not very familiar with Blackd though.

    So I'd like to bot on Tibianic which is a very well known OT. It uses a custom client, version 7.4 with parts from 7.72 afaik.

    I followed the steps which were described to get the bot to work..let me copy&paste it from Malmis

    - Download and install their custom client
    - Put a copy of the "tibia.dat" file from the custom Tibia client installation directory in your "Blackd Proxy/config772" (rename the old "tibia.dat" or delete it)
    - Start Blackd Proxy and open the "Advanced" window
    - Select "Tibia 7.72" in the "Load a config for different Tibia:" drop-down and press "Do it (will close ALL)"
    - Start Blackd Proxy and open the proxy window
    - Set the forwarding option to "Forward to OT server"
    - Enter "" in server IP and "7272" in "login port:"

    Now I've had the problem that there was no Tibia.dat existing in the config772 folder, hence I had nothing to overwrite or delete..Actually I couldn't find any Tibia.dat in the whole blackd folder.

    I can start the bot and Tibia, BUT the bot doesn't inject/load/recognize the Tibia client.

    Is there something im doing wrong?

    Hope you understood my problem and have a solution for this, I'd be really thankful

    thanks in advance

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    Anyone? Bump

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    Ive got the same problem with custom OT client..

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