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Thread: Newest Item ID List?

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    Default Newest Item ID List?

    Does someone knows where can I find the newest Item ID List?
    I'm creating scripts but I can't find the ID's for some new items like, carrot on a stick, medicine pouch, bag of apple slices, and some others.

    I've search on this forum but I don't get the new list, someone knows the link? Please help with this.


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    When I was writing scripts I found the easiest way to get to that page was google search "BlackD Item ID List" everytime I would find Malmis' new Item ID List and all his IDs on there worked perfectly.


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    The online shopping is the best way to get the products with the cheap price and good quality as well. The forum is about this is legit where the new ID list is published with the making of good status and the good platform of working condition.

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