Updating tools for Tibia Preview servers is being really hard because all the big changes there so I won't release the tools for free in a first moment. At least I won't do it until the changes goes live for all tibia servers.

For now you can only get them if you purchase some gold in Aurora or Aurera. Only purchases with real money, sms or bitcoins. Worldtrades won't be considered as purchases.

So far I have updated the following tools for Preview PvP servers 9.9 :

- Tibia Multiclient
- Blackd Safe Cheats

And that is all what you would receive if you purchase some gold in Aurora or Aurera at this moment. You will receive it by email after the purchase, attached in a message from blackdtools.

I will try to update Blackd Proxy too, but it is not guaranteed. If I manage to update Blackd Proxy successfully then you will also receive this tool later. Anyways I will always insist that Blackd Proxy can be easily detected so I only recommend using this tool in accounts that you don't care to lose later.