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Thread: I keep working on Blackd Proxy

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    Cool I keep working on Blackd Proxy

    I keep working on Blackd Proxy.
    I have a more or less working version for Preview Servers already, but it have many bugs yet.
    I will have to rewrite a lot of code so I am changing everything to send packets through a special function that will verify absolutely all. After debug is completed Blackd Proxy won't be sending a single wrong byte again so maybe it becomes undetectable again. Anyways this will still require a lot of time. But I keep working there. And I post here so you don't lose the hope.
    There will be a good working bot for Tibia 9.9!

    I am the admin. To contact me, send me an email to
    Don't send pms to me! I rarely read pms. Just email me instead!

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    I wonder how this special function is going to verify packets.

    Hopefully it won't end in another stealth window that can even send impossible messages such as " " into the game haha.

    I do hope my current knights avoid the next wave if blackd will soon be undetectable.

    I look forward and support all improvements to the proxy and am thankful for your invested time in it

    Cmon community show your support!

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    just came to say Hi, and good luck man you did a good job and it was amazing while it lasted ^^
    Yes, it's fresh!

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    Nice to hear that Daniel!

    Anyway, I'm not really much playing/botting Tibia anymore. Quite frankly, last 3 years were more or less constant on and off. These days I've been using BlackD Proxy for fishing only ^^. Trying to get onto the highscores with skill of 100. Lol.

    After that I doubt I'll be seriously playing or stuff like that. But it was sure a lot of fun till now. I mean I was once a customer when BlackD Proxy was still payable.

    Good luck with everything man!

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    hey blackd hows your hard work coming along?

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