Basic information:

I'd like to present this server in the very best way. Gartina-hr is an 99% real map.

All the NPCs work and behave like they did back in the days, all quest are working as they should yet we have to add PoI (you could vote on this, if you'd like to add or not)

Game Feature:

Shared Experience: We think that it's more funny when you hunt together with your team mates, also this is an good compensation for all the poor knights which are just there to block.

Task system: We have evolved a task system which works of the more tasks you've done the more dangerous and better reward it is.

NPCs: They all work and behave like they should do on an oldschool. They answer to every keyword.

AntiBot Client: We all know that everyone hates botters so we tried to make the best AntiBot client out of it.


The biggest changes which could happend ( if you decide) is that we have an edited experience table which is already added to the server but its not used, that means that you gain 250 experience instead of 4200 as to reach level 8 but it also means that the experience stage wont look so medium rated.

Rates and some minor information:

Experience stage:

1-8 85x

8-19 60x

20-39 45x

40-59 30x

60-75 15x

75-90 10x

91-100 5x

101-120 3.5x

121-XXX 2x

Lootrate: 3.5x

Skillrate: 4.75x

Magic rate: 2.75x

Project managers:

GM Hogfors

GM Cyko

GM List


Gartina staff