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Thread: [TUTORIAL] Healer - Blackd NG

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    This new interface looks familiar and also there is smart functions behind it.

    Picture from version 1.0

    Spell Hi:
    It will cast spell when your life is below Health
    Heal with light spell eg "exura gran"

    Spell Lo:
    Heal with heavy spell eg "exura vita"
    It has priority over Spell Hi, so make sure to set health and mana correctly

    UH Rune:
    Heal with UH, has priority over Mana Pot

    Heal Pot:
    Heal with Health Potions, you can set up potions type on the checklist
    It has priority over Mana Pot, useful for knights
    Its always a good idea to set up correctly or leave it 0 when not using

    Mana Pot:
    Will use especific type of mana potion when your mana is below mana box
    It wont use it when your character is trying to heal with UH or Health Potion

    Apply button:
    It will apply and validate your settings, use SAVE button on main menu to save new settings.


    Heal Method

    Need open Backpack, will cast runes/potions like older Tibia versions when there was no hotkeys.

    No need to open bps, will work normaly like pressing hotkey and appear the green text.


    Check Lists

    Health Potion - self heal
    Strong Health Potion - self sheal
    Great Health Potion - self gheal
    Ultimate Health Potion - self uheal
    Spirit Potion - self pmana
    UH - self uh

    Mana Potion - self mana
    Strong Mana Potion - self smana
    Great Mana Potion - self gmana
    Spirit Potion - self pmana
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