Here is a list of things that might help you to avoid problems with our multiclient tool if it does not work for you:

- Install Tibia in its default folder. Or at least avoid special folders ("Game", "Documents", "Desktop", etc). They are restricted and they give a lot of problems. In any case, if you have Tibia installed in a different folder rather than its default folder, then you will need to type that path in the "Tibia path" textbox of our mc tool.

- Do a full unzip our mc tool in a common folder. If you only unzip 1 file then it might not work. Avoid special folders ("Game", "Documents", "Desktop", etc). A good folder can be, for example, C:\tibiamc\

- If you have a very aggresive antivirus or firewall, try disabling it. If mc works after that, then consider making an exception there. Sometimes they just block everything accessing memory of other processes, and our mc needs to do that.

- In some Windows configs it might be necessary to run our mc tool as admin. Right click its icon, then select Run as admin. If mc works after that, then consider going to properties and select Run always as admin, to save time in the future.