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Thread: a varible for free slots in bp/container X

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    Default a varible for free slots in bp/container X

    i don't know any good way to open next loot bp when current loop bp is full, my "retard solution" is just to spam the message "press use on slot 20 in bpid 1" every 10 seconds, thus when the bp is full, slot20 will contain next loot bp (luckily i dont play on RL tibia, as this would be super detectable)

    can we get a $freeslotsincontainer:1$ -> show free slots in opened container 1, or something like that?
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    Yea, that would help a lot with more complex (and different) scripts. It takes too much time to find a strange-and-not-always-working solution.

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    You can just open all BPs you need and keep them all minimized, Blackd will put the loots in the next when it's full
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