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Thread: How to AVOID a teleport?

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    Default How to AVOID a teleport?

    I play on an 8.6 OT, and I hunt in special areas. Small room, maybe 10x10 sqm. In the middle of the bottom side there is a TP to enter/exit the room. How do I set the bot to AVOID the teleport?

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    DO you have to move?
    if not; set no follow. problem solved.

    You could look into configs and find a wall ID and change it with the teleporter ID.
    But blackd tries to walk into walls constantly anyway so I doubt that would help

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    Well u could also make a condition about your current position
    If your current possition is not in this room then go to X label and enter that room again
    $istrue:{$check:{$myx$},#number<#,9999$},{$check:{ $myx$},#number>#,9999$},{$myy$},#number<#,9999$},{ $check:{$myy$},#number>#,9999$}$
    Thats just and example of simple condition

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