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Thread: Does Safer Tibian will work in Tibia 11??

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    Default Does Safer Tibian will work in Tibia 11??

    Just to know if with the new update Safer Tibian will work with client 11.

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    Safer Tibia will not be updated for Tibia 11. - However - I just made a new bot from scratch based on Safer Tibian. It is now called Cheatlyzer, and it is compatible for Tibia 11, and it is more powerfull than the original Safer Tibian.
    This bot is available for free for all my customers of tibia gold.
    You can read more here:

    I am the admin. To contact me, send me an email to
    Don't send pms to me! I rarely read pms. Just email me instead!

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    It should have to work on the every place of the world in case of the working time it will be or not as well be. Safer will work in the case of the accident with the car then for the best resume service are much safe than any bad impressions of the work.

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