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Thread: 2 Scripts for Venore's swamp - Knight

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    Post 2 Scripts for Venore's swamp - Knight

    I've been using this script for a long time and I've been updating from time to time, so it should be 100% functional at the moment.


    - Bank Depositer
    - Loot Depositer

    Monster list:

    Loot list:

    I hardly suggest to use this script after lvl 15, but if you can start with plate set, serpent sword or ratana and dwarven shield, then you should be fine starting from lvl 10 - lvl 11.
    I hardly suggest, before starting the script, to buy some brown mushrooms (at least 50, I try to keep around 100) since bot only eats fish and meat rarely dropped and it does not eat insectoid eggs, I don´t want to use "fast exiva" tool to eat them since is not that safe.

    I have not the exact exp/hr but I think it is good, you know that it varies when other people is hunting on the cave so you better be lucky.
    Gold income is really good and you get A LOT of creature products and many useful potions, so in my opinion it is a really good script.

    Try it, let me know how you feel it. Feel free to suggest anything.

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    Thanks ! really nice

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