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Thread: [FIXED] Character Detection - Tibia 11

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    Default [FIXED] Character Detection - Tibia 11

    I just recently downloaded Cheatlyzer for the first time, and even though it works fine if I'm on a single character, it doesn't detect any further characters that log in afterwards.
    Regardless of the order I open MCs, or log in, Cheatlyzer only detects the first Character I log in with, however, if I logout and close the window the Character was on, Cheatlyzer switches to the second one, so not sure if there is something wrong with the program, or I'm doing something wrong myself, feel free to chime in, all help might count.

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    Thank you for your report.
    This bug is now fixed in Cheatlyzer 1.21.
    Please download it using your last vip download link (same link will always download latest version while your vip status is active).

    I am the admin. To contact me, send me an email to
    Don't send pms to me! I rarely read pms. Just email me instead!

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