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Thread: [SOLVED] There are some bugs

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    Default [SOLVED] There are some bugs

    Hey blackd, there is still some bugs on Cheatlyzer, sometimes the utamo vita works only for the first time, i have to close the cheat and open again to make it work.
    Also, sometimes the first option (with exura vita) doesnt heal properly, seems like its trying to save mana you know ? Even if the HP is lower than the settings it keeps using exura for a long time, only when the hp is really really low it will use exura vita

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    Ok, I released version 1.25
    I cleaned and optimized the code and I hope all should work now much faster and without bugs.

    I am the admin. To contact me, send me an email to
    Don't send pms to me! I rarely read pms. Just email me instead!

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