Taluz has the entire 7.6 real map with quests but is played like a 7.4 version. Botting and using multi-client will be allowed on the server. Keep in mind that you will receive experience from killing players and all players have a lot of frags, so be careful about botting afk!

- Experience: Semi-high exp rate, read more here
- skill: 8x
- magic: 4x
- loot: 3x

- PZ Lock 60 seconds
- White skull 7 minutes
- Red skull 2 days
- Frags to Red skull Daily 10, Weekly 35, Monthly 100
- Frags to ban Daily 20, Weekly 70, Monthly 200

Special Features
- Mana fluids have been changed, you can now use them on other players. They are stackable.
- Exciting custom made quests.
- Epic custom quests (Harder to solve with greater rewards)
- Poi with quest and spawns
- No wands or rods
- Custom items
- Custom spawns
- Custom monsters
- Experience for killing players
- Runes Stack
- Tasks
- Party share experience

Unofficial software and multiclienting
Yes I repeat botting and using multi-client will be ALLOWED! (You will still need our custom client to play since there are new custom features added.)

Webiste: https://taluz.org/
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