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Thread: The end of 99% of the current cheat tools, at least for some time

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    Exclamation The end of 99% of the current cheat tools, at least for some time

    Battleye is finally here, and main cheats will be unable to work at all because the special restrictions included with that system.
    Only our most basic tools will work in official Cipsoft servers. From our list of tools that are: Blackd Hotkeys and Blackd Guardian.
    The rest of tools will still work in OT servers. I left them there because this reason.
    As always, all the download links are here:

    @Programmers: The main problem with Battleye is not being able to enumerate client modules and not being able to check base of client main module. Everything is still there and you can read it with correct final address. However bot users would not be able to read anything without a reliable way to obtain a stable base memory location in first place. Maybe future investigations will solve this problem. And of course there will be secondary problems related with detection and how to avoid it, but I think that part is really easy to fix with a few basic tricks to go stealth.

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    Hope you will find a way to keep Blackd Proxy working in a future! I really like this bot and I don't trade it for no other
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