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Thread: BLackd, Battleye, Daniel

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    Default BLackd, Battleye, Daniel

    Im a sick fuck who plays tibia. Been here for years.

    1: Blackd as free, open source, largely comercial bot, won't work anymore(IMHO). But if Daniel make a new bot, I have a message for YOU ALL, he is 100% safe, I used Blackd for years, started maybe 7 years ago, with full customer support, safety and a nice community. I belive if such bot comes out, it will be for few customers, at a high price, but it would worth.

    2: I did a macro for hunting a noob hunt, very noob, with a 400 command line, and I'm not a programmer, just like some informatics. This macro is 100% visual/mouse keyboard simulation(no memory/dll read/inject or W/E). If I can do, surely Daniel can do much better.

    3: Daniel/you was just a guy who sold me a software, but he took his time to gently answer in forum and emails, and I felt like he is a very nice guy, and I'm kinda thankfull for it.

    Nevermind anytihng below!
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    As you, I've been here for many years, so I can say that you are completely righ.

    I would be glad of paying the next Daniel's bot, even if it costs $20-$30

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    funciona pra tibia 11

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