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Thread: How to insert tile id into ammo slot on client side?

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    Default How to insert tile id into ammo slot on client side?

    Hi I would like to get-to-know how to inject itemid like bolt/arrows/platinum coin to client using tools into ammo slot.
    Without actually moving existing items. This is for OTS 7.6

    // Player would not have any of the item, just want to see it for test, on my ots project and start hardening my scripts; but keep functionality there. I fear for platinum / crystal coin change, when function is called on client action use it may cause server to create new 100gold or 100 plat.

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    There are many problems faced during the work related to IT happened all over the universe but there are many tools to solve these related problems. This is the forum where price ninjaessays gave the method how to insert tile in the work of the client anytime.

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