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Thread: BUY 4 CUSTOM BLACKD CLIENTS(impera , aurera, caterot, shivera) for 200 TC Real TibiaA

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    Default BUY 4 CUSTOM BLACKD CLIENTS(impera , aurera, caterot, shivera) for 200 TC Real TibiaA

    Hello old tibians.
    I'm buying custom Blackd Clients for these Ot's FOR 200 Real Tibia Coins (ignore this post if this too low)

    How will it be paid:
    1 - Prove me they work (video/conference/send first) - DISCARTED IF YOU HAVE A HIGH RANK IN THIS FORUM OR IS APPROVED BY DANIEL
    2 - Send me the Clients (1 by 1, 50 by 50 TC)

    Caterot Claims to be 10.00 Version otservlist says it is 10.98
    Other OT's I have no idea
    In caterot I got a few results with 10.00 original clients and ip changer, but not with blackd.
    They seem to have a system to make your client crash if you are not using their custom client, but it only crashes in certain places of Tibia Map, so It's useful anyway to me if the Custom Blackd works partially cause it only crashes on depot(I guess)


    (I have a few older custom clients from they that seems to work partially, msg me if they are useful)
    New client:!Y7QRyYiZ!5tehSn1qa...KYmC552smcwHL8
    Old client(alternative):!YmIQjRBR!i8AKjSr_z...4qcXlwnHsEHahA

    If I make money RL money with these Ot's, I'm sending 10% of what I make in the first 3 months for the programmer.


    Thanks in Advance, like always. Be kind to me.
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    I'm sorry, but do you really think someone is going to waste a LOT of their time to make a custom blackd for FOUR different OTs for ehhm.... 2 dollars per bot ?

    No programmer will do this. No one that has it will share it.

    If you're lucky, with 10 dollars someone might just point out what you have to do to make the changes yourself and even that is a stretch that I don't think is going to happen. Now imagine all that PLUS getting "approval" from Daniel, whose time is so fucking expensive and you would have to hire him for that...

    I don't know what you can expect for 2 bucks, man...

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    It will be really hard
    Searching for a script?
    Visit My Session:

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    I thought it was really easy, like 5 minutes for someone, plus, it's 28 BRL ... Well...

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    I'll try to make a better offer when I get money

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