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Thread: OldBot - New tool for Tibia (all clients)

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    Exclamation OldBot - New tool for Tibia 11 (and all clients)

    Hello, I'm here to show you a new tool that I'm developing for Tibia 11 (and all clients/versions), the OldBot, You can find all the needed informations on GitHub's page of the tool.

    #Features List:

    - *Cavebot* - Developing [BETA on OldBot v2.0+]
    - Auto Reconnect(even on server save)
    - Login Hotkey(manually login pressing a hotkey)
    - Press hotkey when full mana(train magic level)
    - Press hotkeys every determined time
    - Logoff if battle window changes
    - Auto eat food
    - Auto Fishing
    - Hold Right Click(use food, walk "bugging" map...)
    - Anti-AFK
    - Life Healer
    - Mana Healer
    - Remap Hotkeys + Walk with WASD (Gaming Mode)
    - Move item to backpack with hotkey(in the speed of light xD)
    - Move item to ground with hotkey
    - Hotkey Combo(do a combo of selected hotkeys + click)
    - Auto refill Rings, Amulets & Soft Boots(may not work on all Tibia version below 10)
    - Auto refill ammunition - through mouse move(from ground/backpack) or through hotkey(timer tools)
    - Renew Haste & support spells, Utamo Vita, party spells
    - Remove Paralyze
    - Reopen Tibia Client automatically when closed
    - Hide/unhide Tibia Client
    - Multi Client Login - perform login on up to 5 accounts each with one click
    - Make any window transparent
    - Cronometer - tool to count the delay of spells/runes on screen
    Have ideas of new functions or how to upgrade an existing one? Tell me! I'm always opened to ideas.
    Do not use on Real Tibia, unfortunately BattlEye is now banning OldBot with 1 day of use.
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