More recently, Pokemon Go has introduced special Research Event Days dedicated to one type of Pokemon, including a small chance at the shiny variant. This means taking a look at both the type of Pokemon that you're planning to use and whether they will be effective, along with whether their CP is up to snuff. You can also raise your Friendship Level by trading Pokemon with a friend. It doesn’t matter what Pokemon you trade, but it’s important to note that trading will cost a significant amount of Stardust, especially in the earlier Friendship Levels, so this isn’t an optimal means of increasing Friendship Level. But what you may not be aware of is that using AR mode actually makes it harder to catch Pokemon. The game defaults to have its Augmented Reality (AR) features enabled. When a Pokemon appears they will be laid over images of the real world and moving your camera around will change their position. The challenge here is finding a location near many Pokestops, as you can only get one research task per PokeCoins so you’ll need to keep moving and finding more stops.

Additionally, making sure that you have potions to bolster their HP, and revives for after the battle are also key. There are numerous gameplay benefits to adding friends and raising friendship ranks in Pokemon Go. Simply turning off AR allows you to centre the Pokemon on your screen, making it much easier to chuck Pokeballs and claim your prize. When AR is disabled, it not only saves battery, it also keeps the Pokemon in the centre of the screen, making particularly tricky Pokemon easier to catch. Plan accordingly to complete the best research for your playstyle for example, many players were stymied by Feebas research tasks in Winter 2019 requiring them to walk many kilometers in the freezing cold.

When it's time to fight for the Gym, a separate mini-game will open up. It's here that you'll need to attack with your Pokemon of choice, hopefully defeating the defender and taking the Gym for your team. It's here that your choice in Pokemon Go Coins really matters. As you become better friends with someone, your Pokemon will gain an attack bonus during any raids and gyms you participate with that player.

To turn AR mode off, wait until a wild Pokemon appears and tap the AR slider on the top right of the battle screen. To disable AR mode, click on a wild Pokemon so it appears on your battle screen and slide the AR slider in the top right hand corner to the off position. It can be re-enabled at any time. If you haven’t got the gist yet, there are all kinds of community events orchestrated by Niantic specifically designed to offer shiny hunters a chance to add some new colors to their collection. That's because certain types of Pokemon are vulnerable to other types, or specific types of attacks. You’ll also earn more Premier Balls from successful raids. Finally, you’ll get a substantial discount on the Stardust cost of trading.