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Thread: Healer 11 STANDALONE CRACK (Login errors fixed!)

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    Default Healer 11 STANDALONE CRACK (Login errors fixed!)

    Healer 11 for Tibia client v11+ (Currently safe)
    New Tibia client 11 is blocking hooks and client addons thus makes it harder to cavebotting but with pixel verification healing still possible. Healer 11 provides safe potion and spell healing via hotkey system. Use it safely without in fear of ban.

    -Extract .zip folder and execute 'healer11.exe'.

    Platform: x32 or x64.
    Operating system: Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) or other (via emulating).
    Antivirus or Firewall: Yes, [Avira, Nod32, Avast, ...] or No.
    Enjoy and have fun

    Change Log:
    -Fixed login errors on bot.
    -Fixed Error crash when injecting on Tibia.
    -Note: Only works with Tibia 11 client.

    Download links:!Gg13HaRA!sD_4Yn1Wl...oIYv29yY_nDa1s

    ACTUAL VERSION: 11.20 (11.**)

    -Unsupported version error?
    Unzip to a empty directory.

    -Failed to connect to server?
    Clean your hosts file.

    -Healer 11 did not start ?
    Start Tibia client.

    Credits to Drazharm and Bubble

    Have fun
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