The locker code is something of a winner no matter what you get from the ball drop. Obviously, depending on the state of your collection, some drops will be more beneficial than others. The options on the prize board are either a 20th Anniversary pack with a chance of pulling the Bryant Pink Diamond, 7,000 MyTeam points or 20 tokens. That's not too bad considering you only have to input the code, and it doesn't cost you MyTeam points or virtual currency.

While Kevin Big Ticket Garnett starred with the Boston Celtics Big Three during their championship run, he was a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves prior to that. The former NBA MVP and multiple-time All-Star receives a sweet Pink Diamond card as part of the NBA 2K19 Throwback Playoff Moments. MyTeam is one of the bright spots within the NBA 2K19 universe this year. It's not surprising as one of 2K's senior producers Erick Boenisch devoted a lot of his time to improving the mode. 2K employs some stellar developers, engineers, and creative minds, but Boenisch is something special. The magic he's worked with the game's franchise modes (MyGM and MyLeague, though the latter online version has been touch and go) has been exemplary.

If you didn't know who Joe Harris was before Saturday night, and you're an NBA fan, chances are you know him now. Also, if you wouldn't have been excited to pull a Harris card in NBA 2K19's MyTeam before Saturday night winning performance in the Three-Point Shootout, that has also changed. The latest addition to the All-Star Moments card releases is the Pink Diamond, 96-overall Kevin Durant. It came from the two-time NBA Finals MVP performance in the All Star Game on Sunday. Durant had 31 points in Team LeBron's 178-164 victory over Team Giannis. It was Durant's second All-Star Game MVP award.

The trailer had hints and teases, but it left room for tons of speculation. I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Thomas, the vice president of sports development at Visual Concepts and 2K, and he added detail to the scope of the Neighborhood and its expansive components. Garnett had plenty of great games in the postseason including the great Game 7 win over the Sacramento Kings in 2004. In that game, KG put up quite the effort, scoring 32 points and grabbing 21 boards. He also had five blocked shots, four steals, and two assists in an 83-80 win. By that time, every gamers can get cheap NBA 2K19 VC Mule Account on