New classes
(We have now in total 12 classes with the 5 mentioned here below).
Black Knight, Demon hunter, Rogue, Samurai & Conjurer.

Black Knight

Black knight is similar to a knight except it has slightly more damage potential and slightly lower blocking potential then a real knight, it does much better job in PVP but does a worse job then a normal knight in PVE as some of them spells are dark elemental which has a worse coverage compared to the almighty physical. It comes with few special abilities: De-taunting, Melee with a curse condition damage is skill based and the ability to break aol/blessings(can't be used if the user is blessed himself).

Demon hunter

Demon hunter is similar to paladin except it uses death elemental spells and guns! Yes guns, from ladygun to RPG. It has it's own ways for cloud control as the paladin.. but the demon hunter's attack speed depends on the weapon and not the skill, the skill will only reduce reload time..


Rogue one of the most challenging class but maybe the most satisfying too.
If you thought a sorcerer was a glass cannon then don't even try rogue.
Low health, close combat but untrappable due to shadow slash.
Also it's avoid chance is increased during the night.


Similar to a rogue except the way you use it is different, samurai's passive allows samurai to increase critical damage when health gets lower.
Samurai's health is higher as the rogue, but to reach it's full potential it should balance on where the critical passive is at best...


The first tanky mage compared to other mages it has mana issues, but due to it's elemental coverage, good health, decent healing and distances it makes it possibly the most convenient to play. It comes with many different summons, from a instant summon wave, summons that explodes on touch, to summons who assist for a certain period.

Custom Spells
We've added some new custom spells (not talking about the custom spells of the new classes), or changed a few spells. But the majority of the new spells can be found in the spell scrolls.

Custom Weapons
Many new weapons have been introduced. Outside of the special weapons for rogue and demonhunter, and the new tiers. We also have some other special weapons. Like bonebreaker having 2 range, reworked ice rapier aka haunted glass rapier, ray gun(which shoots a beam), a chain healing staff and many more weapons!


Our imbuements work different then the imbuements were familiar with.

I've had to do it my way so i did. When imbueing your main weapon(left slot) it has a passive ability for 24 hours. The passive has 8% chance to activate on every swing. The passive is in most cases a spell which will be casted without any mana cost or exhaust. Sometimes it gives the class a passive or enchances a certain class passive. The effect depends on class and imbuement rank (which is randomly every imbuement). Imbuements can be made in sunrise city with resources that can be mined mostly.

Many creatures and bosses have a certain AI.
People who have played Animera already know partially of the new AI. But we've added many more AI and more AI to creatures. This way lots of creatures become more unique!
Like ghosts being able to walk through everything, razowing moth is able to fly over water and try to zoom around the target, dungeon worm that tries to attack from the underground, exotic wasps with a crazy sting/swarming mechanism etc.

The environment is changing!

To make the game overall less static and hunting in general we've added some changes to give you more an engaging environment.


Every day there a random season gets chosen with it's own benefits and drawbacks (The benefits are bigger then the drawbacks).
For example winter may give 5% damage boost to all ice damage coming from players and monsters, and 5% reduction to fire. But winter also gives 10% skilling boost.

Day/Night System

The day/night system is a bit different compared to the vanilla.
The normal night(and other special nights) has a 10% respawn boost compared to during the day.
Outside of just day & night, we also have sunset and 'special nights'.

This special night could be: Full Moon, Red moon, Smog and Purple Mist. All coming with different effects. Outside of possible elemental bonusses/debuffs there is also a global effect. e.g. Red moon increases damage by 15% for all players & monsters!

Did i also mention that city lights gets turned on/off animated when it gets night/morning?

While it's raining everyone who walks in the rain walks slower, also fire damage gets reduced and energy damage can chain to nearby monsters/players. When you are killing monsters inside the rain while sunset is up you get a 20% experience boost coming with a rainbow effect.
Rain chances also depends on the season.

Nature System

Yes, we got more. For example when you are casting a fire spell and the target is walking on grass/dark grass/dry grass or something similar it has a chance to chain to nearby monsters + a slight increase in damage.
But it also gets damage reduction during rain or when casted on water / underwater.
The same counts for energy spells but the conditions switched.
For other elements(except for physical and other misc) there is no chance to chain, but there is a more reliable damage increase/debuff.
Also the damage may be influenced if used below surface or above etc.

Randomized monsters & spawns:

With randomized monsters i mean in outfit.
The majority of human like creatures has a variety of outfits/addons/possible colors too combination that differs for every creature.
Normally you would encounter orcs only at the orc fortress or nearby the entrance of it. But sometimes they should going outside to gather resources right? So that's one of the reasoning of the randomized spawns. So sometimes there might be one or more orcs doing their thing in the swamp nearby.
It's not a 'real spawn' because the amount is often low, varies in size and position. Also they dissapear again after a certain amount of time.
But there is more for example during night there may be more bats flying around in the nature, and during spring you might find more wasps and stuff flying around...
or at certain season/day there is chance to spawn a rare boss or special monsters to mount.

New Story Mode Chapters!

Yes, 3x9 new story mode chapters continuation of the previous 3x9 story mode chapters. Added with many new cutscenes, rewards and other story mode only mechanisms.

Dual Wielding

You are now able to dual wield in-game, dual wielding allows you to double your attack speed, but this comes with a drawback! It will set your defense to 0! so use it wisely in your building synergy.
All 2 handed weapons except bows/crossbows are now 1 handed.
If the weapon contains a attribute e.g. Manaleech, it will only apply on the left hand (the main hand). So the stats doesn't double!

Dungeon System

At this moment there are 7 dungeons. With each 3 instances, so in total 21 dungeons available. You can join in solo or with a team(Make sure to create a party before setting up a dungeon). You are able to choose the difficulty.
The higher the difficulty or player group the higher the experience / amount of monsters / damage and health gain of monsters and bosses and ofcourse the end reward. You can do one dungeon every hour and every dungeon can be done once each 24 hours.


Prestiges is a system similar to the skill/mastery points system which ables you to gain additional boosts.
You can get prestiges by buying them, there is quite a variety of prestiges that you can invest into!
Like increasing weapon damage, spell damage, healing amount, damage reduction or even gold rate!
The prestiges can be removed whenever you want, but this requires to buy all the prestiges again!

Item Sets

To make the average item more valuable we've introduced the item sets. Item sets can give stat bonusses based on the items you wear and how complete it is.
But we also have some special effects...
Like the pirate set increases the gold rate, the nerd set increases the exp rate, or the reflector set has a chance to shoot glass strikes when being hit..


While cavebotting the bot mode get's turned on. Which means 5x lower Experience gain / skills gain / loot gain / gold rate gain / chance on dropping special dropables. Also certain loot has a chance to explode(dissapear).

Also when you are killing a botter in bot mode you get 30% experience bonus on top of it!
There is a certain level difference range to allow to get experience from killing, but this is slightly higher when the target is in bot mode.

The bot itself has quite usefull functions but is also quite limited compared to other bots that are around. At same time also simple to setup.
No worries. We've also have a lot of systems that saves data and uses certain algorithm to catch cheaters who is able to use any other bot/cheat mechanism. Outside our own bot.